April Masini

name Nicknamed "the new millennium's Dear Abby," by the media, April Masini is author of the best-selling book Date Out Of Your League and recently published book, Think and Date Like a Man, and is the publisher of AskApril.com the edgy, provocative dating and relationship online magazine. April writes what Dear Abby will never print, and what your shrink doesn't have the guts to tell you! Visit www.askapril.com for more dating success information.

Dating Success Strategies: 10 Dating Lessons To Spice Up Your Social Life

09th March 2006
f you are ready to start winning in the dating world, follow this simple strategy for success: Lesson 1: First Impressions They are immediate, long lasting, and usually permanent. Regardless of how great you are, and no matter how sweet you can be ... Read >